One way to look at it

Storytelling gets us into some odd, amazing places. That's half the reason we love it. The exploring, peeling-back, inquiring part.

We're driven by the thrill of converting curiosity into a career and creating an original story with collected pieces of the world around us.

Running on Grease & Fumes

Lewis Lewis was a good old veggie-powered school bus and we loved him, despite many breakdowns during the production of Breaking Through Concrete.

See What Happened



We believe in Type II Fun, the kind you enjoy later, after pushing through an alpine white-out or spending days sprawled in 100-degree shade, sipping warm Fanta, awaiting the soft light for Omo Valley portraits.

Few things break down barriers between people like genuine curiosity. There's a nice stripping down when we leave our comfort zones and step into the unknown. As they say, "It doesn't have to be fun to be fun."

A Near Miss

In the Spring of 2012 Michael was shooting for Outside Magazine in a remote corner of Alaska when a four ton slab of ice fell on his face.

See the Damage


We're happy to go with the virtuosic camerawork of the RED or Cineflex and we never pass up a ride in a helicopter.

But we still hear the echo of the old high school photography teacher reminding us, The best zoom lens is your legs.

The Family Relic

The first thing out of Grandfather Hanson's (Pops) sedan on any road trip was his liquor case made of pleather exterior with  faux-leopard-skin interior. It was a cheap relic of Southeast Pacific World War II, and it's since been passed down the family tree. We've found that bourbon and a splash of bitters can be a powerful diplomatic, story-getting tool.