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  • License to maintain a DVD of Who Owns Water in university libraries. If an event is centered around the film, there is an additional $50 fee. Please email us to arrange delivery.


    "Striking images, eloquent narration, unforgettable people -- this is the Water Wars documentary I've been waiting for."   

    - Dorinda Dalmeyer, Director of Environmental Ethics Certificate Program, University of Georgia 


    "It is not uncommon, in science and in our personal lives, to reduce any unknowns to individual values we believe to be representative. Who Owns Water is a beautiful, nuanced snapshot of water conflict that gently tears our preconceived notions about the values of stakeholders on the Chattahoochee River to shreds. It one of a rare subset of documentaries that, rather than loudly choosing and defending a side, lets the subjects speak for themselves andlistens. A wonderful showcase of perspectives, as instructive for researchers working on issues related to water quantity, quality, and allocation as it is for a curious public, eager to learn about itself."

     - Caroline Nash, PhD Candidate, Hydrology, Oregon State University


    "Who Owns Water offers a good reminder that the best way to get to know a river is to live on it for a few weeks, and get to know some of the people who know it well. The film’s at-water-level view is a valuable one in a river system that’s literally in danger of being argued to death." - Ben Emanuel, American Rivers

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